What Does Success Coaching Hold for You?

Make your good experiences extraordinary. Profit from your successes. Win at your own extreme sport, called life

Tell your stories to someone who will hear you. Learn tools of time management and goal setting. Bring order to all areas. Create ease and happiness for yourself and others. When you complete the coaching experience, you will know how to live skillfully with a sense of well-being on your own terms.

Your Coach:

I have committed much of my professional energy to facilitating mastery in learning. By opening the window of the mind to information, people can make appropriate choices, find meaning in the world, and create rich circumstances for themselves in which they feel vital.

I have enjoyed a life filled with opportunities and sufficient years and health to practice many skills. In the process I have become a seminar leader, teacher, author, poet, business consultant, success coach, and public speaker. All those activities dovetail to provide me with a wealth of resources to serve you.

Success Coaching:

You will apply a system to discover your life purpose, manifest your visions and dreams, and consistently accomplish your immediate and long range goals with a sense well-being. Design and live a balanced life with verve and ease.

For a complimentary one-hour introductory meeting, contact me.

To evaluate if coaching will help you, experience Success Coaching for yourself.


You will receive simple or extensive editing and rewriting to present yourself to your clients with the ideal voice, mood, style, and conciseness. I edit resumes, books, journal articles, advertising copy, and scripts.

Reading Strategies:

"Sort for Import, Read for Speed." Learn advanced reading strategies for getting through information on the printed page at record speed with accurate comprehension. Smart, compressed curriculum for busy people.